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The Mk 14 EBR is a marksman rifle featured in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. It was introduced in the Operation White Noise expansion and is available for use by the Operator Dokkaebi. The Mk 14 EBR deals slightly less damage than the rest of the Marksman

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21/11/2017 · I hired a Pro Rainbow Six Siege Coach on Fiverr and pretended to be a beginner Rook red dot main – Duration: 15:16. Coconut Brah 5,045,092 views

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17/12/2018 · Not your typical review, I discuss 5 years worth of lessons learned with the M14 EBR. Topics covered include accuracy, pros & cons, and much more! 00:00 – Intro. 00:40 – Rifle setup. 02:15 – Maintenance, most and least enjoyable way to shoot with the M14 EBR. 06:29 – Is an EBR lefty friendly? 09:50 – I focus on the EBR

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首先,对于喜欢扫射的新手来说,永远是自动武器比半自动好。先说DOKKAEBI,DOKKAEBI的两把主武器都是非全自动,一把M14 EBR(限定半自动)和一把双管独头霰弹枪BOSG12.2,双管首先就不考虑,毕竟双管的容错率低到刚接触707干员的老手都会考虑三分

Speculation Please let there be a M14 EBR on one of the new operators! (self.Rainbow6) submitted 1 year ago by HE4VEN its a really popular model and since they have already added crowd pleasers like the Vector, Scorpion and SCAR i would love to see my

Top responsesSK Op has a MK14 but i don’t see it being full auto unless they had a lot of recoil to it as DMRs do a lot of damage anyway3 votesit would also be fitting since while it is a DMR, one of its selling points is the full-auto capability for sudden close quarter situations. Huh, didn’t know that. The  read more2 votes查看全部

22/7/2008 · How Reliable is the M1A This is a discussion on How Reliable is the M1A within the The M14 forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; I always worry about the reliability of my firarms, so here it is, 1.How reliable is the M1A/M14? 2. How often does it need

A real life m14 has a fuckton of kick due to no buffer system and a relatively simple bolt system with no gas transfer or any recoil mitigating functions. The v308, while super fake, would hopefully have the same system as the true vector and have that cool

Top responses100% It also just looks a lot more suited for the DMR’s than the LMG’s.45 votesWell ACOG is a medium to long range sight and DMR’s are what fits to the term medium to long range. If we had a bolt action sniper rifle (which would be  read more96 votesThe “scope” should come off the 2 m249’s and be given to all dmrs except glaz (obviously). This would help start to make dmr’s viable in the game.14 votesTotally, Capitao’s lmg acog IMO should be the one available to every DMR and Glaz(with some modifications to Glaz to distinguish it ofc)51 votesI think all DMRs should get this scope to make them a little bit better9 votesI’d like that. Right now Dokk’s ability is really good, but her guns always feel really awkward for me. I’d like it if the DMR got some kinda buff + C75 gets changed  read more22 votes查看全部

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Trigger is animated, and the grip on the bolt, but the other one I couldn’t get animated, I think Zmodeler has a bug in it with that part, cus I did the right steps on it but it doesn’t recognize it’s name which is “Gun_Cock2”. I’ll try to fix that. It comes with a custom mag

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8/9/2019 · Assault Rifles: FN F2000, AK-47, FAMAS, Colt M4A1, Bushmaster, ACR Steyr AUG A2, IMBEL MD-3, M-16, G3, MK .14EBR, TAR 21

24/7/2019 · 該去玩R6的都去玩R6了誰他媽還要什麼垃圾免費遊戲 在倒之前儲存我最愛的槍M14 EBR 秋月狼嗥 的官方圖也就滿足了 建議樓主加入R6的行列 我也從0

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The Heckler & Koch HK417 is a battle rifle[1] designed and manufactured by Heckler & Koch in Germany. It is the larger caliber version of the HK416, and chambered for the 7.62×51mm NATO rifle cartridge. It is a gas-operated, selective fire rifle with a rotating bolt. The HK417 is intended for use in roles where the

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Steam Workshop: Insurgency. Rainbow Six Siege is by far one of my favourite games, I’ve “no lifed” this game since it’s launch and I will continue doing so! One of the things that I

Dokkaebi è una degli Operatori meno favoriti tra i giocatori di Rainbow Six Siege, anche a causa del suo M14 EBR che negli scontri ravvicinati riesce a fare gran poco a causa del fuoco semi automatico. La sua abilità speciale, che permette di far squillare i può


8/9/2008 · For some odd reason the m21 always uses 10 round mags in COD4. Although if you play multiplayer you unlock the m14 at level 46, it seems to be modeled on a scout platform with 20 round mag, and can be fitted with silencer, grenade launcher (Thats a bit iffy I

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21/8/2018 · Anyone else pick this up on early access? Its been developed by some of the people behind the original R6 and Ghost Recon games so if you like your shooters properly tactical, it may be for you! This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your

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Troy Industries Rock SOPMOD M14 The Troy Industries Rock SOPMOD M14 is used exclusively by 707th SMB operator Dokkaebi who was added with the Operation White Noise expansion. It is incorrectly designated “Mk 14 EBR” and locked in semi

[M14EBR](Enhanced Battle Rifle, MK.14 mod 0) 제원 구경 : 7.62mm x 51 NATO 장탄수 : 20발 전장 : 1120mm 발사속도 : 700~750발/분 총구속도 : 975.54m/s 유효사거리 : 600m M14EBR M14

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4/7/2019 · 然後大家就拿著免費的槍,灌免費的瓦斯,用免費的子彈..好幾把M14平著齊射,好像在拍電影. 對著王哥打過的那塊布狂打,有聽到旁邊王哥說他的樣槍打了多久也沒事.. 下面是在廠房拍的照片 彈匣拆開,裝BB彈的位置有一塊擋塊,限制在20發子彈(仿真) 拿掉的話可以裝

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